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Regional development


Promoting regional development is one of Central Denmark Region's two main tasks - the other being the provision of health and welfare services.

The Department of Regional Development in Central Denmark Region provides a plan for development in collaboration with municipalities and other local actors. The Department of Regional Development is responsible for the planning and development of public transport, tourism, education and solving tasks related to handling contaminated groundwater and land.

According to the overall vision the Central Denmark Region will be an international growth region in a cohesive Denmark by 2030. Therefore the region sees itself as an active partner in the increasing globalisation and it addresses the challenges that the region faces in order to be among the most competitive regions in Europe.

The EU Office in Brussels, Central Denmark Region's offices in Shanghai and Budapest as well as a long range of international collaboration and development projects support this vision.

Expenditure allocation

The department of Regional Development solves most of the tasks in collaboration with other local, regional and national authorities. In addition to the international partners the region cooperates with the 19 municipalities in the Central Denmark Region, national authorities, knowledge and educational institutions, the private sector, the Central Denmark Employment Region, employer and employee organisations and business promotions agencies.

Regional Development Plan

  • The first Regional Development Plan in 2007
    • Established a trustful collaboration between the region and the municipalities
    • Ensured coherence in development in the region
    • Good results and experiences – served as basis for the second RDP
  • Regional Development Plan 2012
    • Read the Regional Development Plan here
    • Adopted by the Regional Council 20 June 2012
    • Invitation to collaboration on the vision: By 2030, the Central Denmark Region will be an international growth region in a cohesive Denmark
    • The Regional Development Plan  is a strategy that brings together all of the political goals of the Regional Council’s tasks. It is a strategy that sets out developmental targets in a wide range of areas; including business development, tourism, manpower, employment, education, competence development, health, wellbeing, culture, art, the countryside, the environment, climate, energy, infrastructure and public transport.

      The Regional Development Plan is a strategy based on the Regional Council’s tasks and responsibilities in accordance with the political decisions.
    • Overarching challenges
      • Global climate
      • Economy
      • Demography
      • Education
      • Health
    • Focus areas
      1. Climate change adaption
      2. Environment and energy
      3. Education
      4. Towns and landscape
      5. Mobility
      6. Business and tourism
      7. Culture
      8. Health

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