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Regional Council (Regionsrådet)

The Regional Council consists of 41 politicians elected for 4 years. The current election period runs from 1st January 2014 until 31st December 2017.
The Regional Council operates the region’s health care system, lays down the framework for specialized social services as well as promotes and coordinates the development and growth in the whole region.

  • 41 politicians in the Regional Council
  • President: Bent Hansen
  • He is the only full time politician in the Region

Expenditure allocation

National Parliament Government
Regional 5 regions with 41 politician in each
Local 98 municipalities with 25-31 politicians in each (only 9-11 politicians in the city council on 2 small islands)


Chairman of Central Denmark Region, Bent Hansen receives Hungary's highest award given to foreign non-government leaders.

As a request from the President of Hungary János Áder, chairman of Central Denmark Region Bent Hansen (S) received Thursday, September 4th Commander’s Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit. This award is Hungary's highest order for foreigners who are not governmental leaders. During the ceremony, attended member of parliament and County Mayor Gábor Bányai, Heine Sveistrup Jensen, the Hungarian Consul General of Jutland and Fyn and vice mayor of Bács-Kiskun County, László Rideg.

It was the Hungarian Ambassador of Denmark, László Hellebrandt who was in charge of the ceremony and had - together with the Consul General - the role of reading the Hungarian President's letter out loud which was dedicated to Bent Hansen as a sign of the good cooperation between Denmark and Hungary. A collaboration Bent Hansen has been very engaged to in a number of years both as county mayor and as current regional chairman.

The collaboration between the former Viborg and Aarhus county and the Hungarian regions has continuously developed since the Hungarian regime chance in 1989. Ever since then connections and agreements has been formed between the Hungarian ministries, counties and Central Denmark Region, from building a new democratic Hungary to more academic and business oriented agreements. Especially development of the Hungarian social and disability sector that, with help from Danish experts, is on its way to a prompt and comprehensive modernization, also with purchase of Danish equipment to the disability and rehabilitation sector.

Bent Hansen was touched by the speech and proud to get the Commander’s Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit. The ceremony took place at Moesgaard Museum, which was no coincidence since this particular museum had old Hungarian relations behind it. While the ceremony took place, a car filled with historical rarities from the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest was on its way to the museum, so it could reach in time for the museum’s big reopening exhibition the 11th of October, where also the temporarily borrowed archaeological items will be displayed. The director of the museum, Jan Skamby Madsen was showing pictures of these historical rarities while he told about the history of the Hungarian relation: “In the 1600s BC, this country was brought to the late bronze age. We were selling slaves and amber to the people who inhabited the areas that today is called Hungary. In return they sent us finely crafted items such as swords. Among the museums finest archaeological finds, there are items that say “made in Hungary”.

In addition to the ceremony at Moesgaard Museum, the delegation also visited the Agro Business Park and Foulum where they looked at Danish farm equipment, agricultural procedures and the Danish connection between science on university level and the academic business development. After, they visited Aarhus Food Festival, where the Hungarians could see how specializing and development can be combined with business and food.

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