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  2. 58th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, October 2014, Aarhus

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„NØ – Scandinavian Women Festival”

Between the 6th and 9th of November 2015, Scandinavian House Foundation organized a large-scale festival under the name: „NØ – Scandinavian Women Festival”. In 2015, Denmark celebrated the 100-year anniversary of women’s right to vote. Therefore the festival’s aim was to present knowledge of women’s lives and work in Scandinavia in general and in the Scandinavian cultural history, and to promote gender equality. In a yet a broader sense the festival concentrated on women of the 21st century with some historical outlook. The festival’s diverse program included presentations of Scandinavian authors, film screenings, writer-reader meeting, reader’s theater, quiz related to Scandinavian women, gastro program, fashion show, round table discussion, essay/photo contest, exhibition, Nordic book fair and many more.

As part of the various programs, a conversation and discussion was also held on “Women in politics in the last 100 years and now” with the participation of Bente Nielsen, Danish politician and 1. vice president in Central Denmark Region and H. E. Ms. Tove Skarstein, Norway’s Ambassador to Hungary. The two successful women talked about their own carriers, the gender-related barriers, obstacles and sometimes funny situations they met during their political and international career, the beauty and the difficulty of being a woman in such positions, which mostly held by men and also about how the society’s perception of women leaders has been changing over the past few decades.

To get a glimpse of the festival, click here.

Cooperation on regional development and regional development plans

Regional development is a field, which requires constant activity and which not only contains plans and strategies, but also implementation and continuous adaptation to the changing environment and world. We believe that cooperation, holistic thinking, networking and dialogue across administrative and geographical borders can help to meet the challenges.

Based on this concept we have organised professional regional development workshops together with Bács-Kiskun County and Győr-Moson-Sopron County in order to promote and facilitate international cooperation and exchange of experience between professionals.

Cooperation on agriculture and farming
Danish pig production in focus. Hungarian politicians and farmers study Danish pig production on the spot

From the 29th to 31st October Central Denmark Region had a visit from Hungary. Members of the Hungarian parliament and future Hungarian pig farmers were interested in the success behind Danish pig production. In their visit to Denmark together with Central Denmark Regions development office in Budapest, they here got the chance to get an insight into the entire pig production from the farms, thorugh the slaughterhouses to the biogas plant.

19th of November 2014

Central Denmark Region: In cooporation with Midtnet and their business network who has previous experience from projects in China, Central Denmark Regions office in Budapest arranged a study trip for the Hungarian parliament member István Horváth who is specifically designated by the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán to develop the quality of the Hungarian agricultural sector and pig production in particular. The other members of the delegation were parliament member Béla Dankó, who is responsible for rural development, and co-founders of upcoming pig farm – Moroko- Farm Ltd.: Attila Roszik, György Roszik and Tibor Kondacs. This study trip was intended to show the members all the steps in the supply chain in the Danish pig production.

Danish know how and expertise

The pig production of Denmark is known for their effectiveness and high quality. Central Denmark Region consist of some of the best agricultural advisors and suppliers. On the study trip, the participants started out with a tour at Danish Crown, which is the world’s largest pig exporter and 2nd largest pig slaughterhouse. After Danish Crown, they went to see Bigadan A/S, which is a completely new biogas plant, partly using waste from the slaughterhouse of Danish Crown.

The study trip also included a visit to Agro Food Park where several companies such as Agrotech, VLF and Danish Farm Design presented the latest knowledge in pig production, stable equipment and business counselling.

Co-founders of Moroko Farm want to invest 40 million Danish kroner in the project and start up with 800 sows for producing piglets.

Together with agricultural consultants, construction advisors and manufactures of stable equipment, they are trying to create a master plan for the development of the Hungarian pig production and the upcoming Moroko pig farm.

Inspiration for planning ahead

The Co-founders of Moroko got to see an example of how their upcoming farm could look like when the owner of Sønderupgård Peter Boilesen showed them his farm which consists of 5000 sows in total spread out on 5 different farms.

This was a great experience since they were able to see the set-up of the farm, all the stable equipment, the ventilation system and the production monitoring which was very impressing for the Hungarians.

In context of the future increase of the productivity, it is also the plan to establish a pig slaughterhouse in Hungary with a capacity of 1 million pigs per year.

The construction of Moroko Farm is expected to start already this year right outside of Szarvas in the southeast part of Hungary.

The project is going to be a pilot project and inspiration for 100 other projects that is expected to start within the next years.

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