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Energy and environment

“Green cooperation project”: runs from January 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014

  • Project summary: Green cooperation project aims to investigate the possibilities for future cooperation on the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy saving.
  • Target groups: Central and Eastern European regions, counties, municipalities, cities, research, knowledge and educational institutions, foundations and indirectly companies.
  • Aims:
The Green Cooperation project aims to find cooperative partners for future cooperation and common projects related to renewable energy and energy saving.

Cooperation understood in a wider sense: includes all kinds of collaboration from scientific, research and innovation projects through partnerships with particular purposes/ fields or general partnerships to projects with concrete aims or cooperation for definite period of time.

The overall aim is to help the transition towards increasing sustainable use of renewable energy in the EU Member States, which all have EU targets for 2020 - within climate change / energy field general targets:

  • greenhouse gas emissions 20% lower than 1990
  • 20% of energy from renewables
  • 20% increase in energy efficiency
  • General targets are translated into national targets, thus all Member States have their own, country specific targets.

    Promoting the use of renewable energy sources is important both to the reduction of the EU's dependence on foreign energy imports, and in meeting targets to combat global warming.

Energy optimisation project in Merek

As a large national institution, The Rehabilitation Centre of People with Physical Disabilities (Merek) provides living home for 118 physically disabled people, together with different rehabilitation services. These activities constantly require a lot of energy and due to the fact that the buildings are relatively old and through the decades mostly the necessary reconstructions have been carried out, result in high energy consumption and energy bills. This means, that there are adequate possibilities for energy efficient alterations in order to reduce energy consumption in the institution. MEREK’s application for the tender (Operational Programme Environment and Energy KEOP2012 5.6.0) Energy efficiency investments of central government agencies has been accepted, thus the energy saving investments will partly be supported and financed by the European Union and partly by the Hungarian Government.

Central Denmark Region Office for Central and Eastern Europe takes part in the planning phase. We set up connections between MEREK and the Danish Samsø Energy Academy and VE-Net (The Danish Renewable Energy Network). These organisations have relevant experiences with energy efficiency projects and have long tradition of working with renewable energy, just as the knowledge of the newest trends and technical solutions on the field. In this way, they can provide relevant and useful solutions to MEREK.

In addition might this project serve as a showcase for further national organisations and institutions for similar energy efficiency projects.

For further information please contact us.

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